2014 Grants Awarded

Music Fans at the Bluesfest

The Granville Foundation has awarded and reserved cash grants to community organizations for 2014 totaling over $80,000.  In announcing the grants, Foundation president Sarah Rapp stated, “This is by far the largest sum that the organization has awarded in the history of its annual program supporting Granville's charitable organizations.  This would not have been possible except for the generosity of our many donors and those who have remembered the Foundation in their wills.”  

The Foundation this week sent award letters to fourteen organizations representing a wide range of community interests. Rapp said, “We make a point of supporting both events that have broad appeal and causes that are important to our numerous specialized interest groups.”

The Foundation's largest grant went to the Granville's Kiwanis chapter to assist its work on behalf of Granville's annual Fourth of July Celebration. Rapp noted, “The $11,000 we are providing the Kiwanians provides critical support not only for the ever-popular fireworks, but also for the many charities that benefit from the organization's Fourth of July fund-raising efforts.”

A significant portion of the Foundation's 2014 grants will support “bricks and mortar” projects that will benefit the community for many years to come. The Bryn Du Commission is receiving $7,380 to assist a kitchen renovation project in the Carriage House. Completion of this project will make it possible for the first time to prepare hot meals at Bryn Du, something that is not possible in the mansion's existing kitchen facilities.

The Foundation also has awarded $6,000 to the Robbins Hunter Museum for structural repairs to its Octagon Room, a feature of the building that attracts many visitors to Granville. This grant will make it possible to both to replace rotten wood and to apply a badly needed coat of new paint.

In a nod to Granville's interest in youth sports, the Foundation also will provide $5,000 grant to the Athletic Boosters, conditional on the organization raising certain additional funds from other sources. This grant will support renovation of the mezzanine in the Granville High School gym, a project that greatly will increase the space's utility to school sports teams.

As for many years, the Foundation also has decided to provide strong support for Granville's love of music, both classical and popular. The Newark-Granville Symphony is receiving $3,500 to support its popular Joyful Noise Concert. The Vintage Voices, a perennial Foundation beneficiary, has been granted $1,000 to help finance the purchase of sheet music for the group's numerous concerts including its performance of patriotic songs during Granville's Fourth of July celebration.

The Foundation also will continue to support Granville's Blues Fest, a celebration that each year draws thousands of music lovers to Broadway in early September. The $6,000 grant will help the sponors both in attracting top flight entertainers and in raising funds needed by local charities.

The Foundation has decided to support Granville's interest in its history on two fronts. It is granting the the board of the Union Cemetery $7,500 to support continued restoration of headstones at the Old Colony Burying Ground, the final resting place of many of Granville's early settlers from New England. This grant will help not only to honor Granville's past, but also to facilitate visits to the cemetery by local residents and tourists alike. Last year's “Ghost Walk” at Old Colony drew a crowd of over 400.

Once again, the Foundation also is underwriting the work of the the Granville Historical Society. It has awarded the group $5,000 to pay for the preparation and publication of additional volumes of its “Granville Pocket Histories.”

This year's grants include awards aimed at both ends of the age spectrum. The Foundation is sending $3,500 to help pay for playgrounds at Granville's Co-Op Preschool, an organization that has served the community's young families for some seven decades. The Foundation also has voted to grant the Welsh Hills School $3,500 to subsidize the start up cost of a program that will provide child care for local infants. Infant child care is a service badly needed by families where both parents must return to work soon after child birth.

This year's Foundation support for community youth also includes $5,000 in assistance for the Granville High School's “Alternative Spring Break.” This year's project is expected to attract 40 teenagers who will assist the recovery of Oklahoma City neighborhoods for last year's devastating tornado.

Recipients of projects benefiting the community's senior citizens include the Granville Senior Center (formerly Granville Fellowship) and the Midland Theater. The Foundation is providing $4,200 to the Senior Center to subsidize the cost of lunch services. The Midland Theater is receiving $1,200 to pay for a lecture on “The Ancient Art of Healing,” which will be presented at Kendal.

Later in the year, the Foundation anticipates that it may provide significant support for one pending grant request as well as for selected other purposes that now are under evaluation.


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2015 Grant Forms

The Granville Foundation is now accepting applications for grants in 2015.  All applications must be submitted by January 31, 2015.  Eligibility requirements, an application checklist, and an application form can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

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